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The Committee of Military Archives’ Blog in OpenEdition Catalogue

By Kathleen Van Acker and Flavio Carbone

The Committee of Military Archives secretary-general and president

During the month of July 2022, the Committee of Military Archives received an email.

Céline Guilleux, chargée de validation scientifique Calenda et Hypothèses beloging to OpenEdition (CNRS – EHESS – Aix-Marseille Université – Université d’Avignon), confirmed the publication of our blog in the Openedition catalogue.

The archivists of the CAM have been catalogued (yes, pun intended). The scholars know that on one hand the catalogue and the procedure to catalogue a book belong to the librarians, on the other hand the inventory and inventoring of archival fund is the business for archivists. It happens!

Taking our joke aside, it is important to consider that the platform represents only a part of a larger portal and project, OpenEdition.

But, what does it mean? It means that the publication of the blog in the catalogue gives more visibility. The CAM blog will be better indexed in search engines and will be added to catalogues specialised in humanities and social sciences such as Isidore.

In this regard, we should consider some results after more than one year using the blog as the main line of communication of the Committee of Military Archives. The approval of the blog proposal launched by CAM steering committee in September 2021 and later the publication of the blog approved in July 2022 by the Hypotheses validation team represent two main achievements in the CAM initiative.

The CAM meeting in Athens, September 2021 (CAM president archive)

Those achievements offer more visibility within the group of archivists and historians. The main aim is to build a trustful community within and outside the military archivists who belongs to the International Commission of Military History larger community.

Athens, 3 September 2021. The CAM president presentation of the blog initiative moving from the “Mars&Janus” newsletter to the blog hosted on the Hypotheses platform

The question is why did the CAM decide to request the opening of a scientific blog on the Hypotheses platform? Because Hypotheses is open to the whole academic community (researchers, research teams, PhD students, information specialists, institutions, etc.) in all disciplines of the arts, humanities and social sciences.

In principles, we cannot expect to keep the archivists inside the archives digging in the files and the archival funds full of dust (sorry for the stereotype). The CAM efforts are part of the main objective to open the initiatives of the CAM delegates and, generally speaking, of the entire military archivists community outside the archives, developing direct scientific links.

Those are the outcomes of the discussion held during the 2020/2021 CAM year, starting from September 2020 with the election of the new Steering Committee and the approved at the end of the meeting in Athens in September 2021, presenting the initiative to the entire International Commission of Military History general assembly.

Athens, 3 September 2021. The CAM president presentation of the blog to the ICMH general assembly

In the long term perspective, alongside the blog, the Committee of Military Archives should launch other initiatives.

New ambitious objectives could be reached once the CAM communities could welcome new delegates and friends belonging to public institutions, such as universities, scholarly societies, etc.

So, to conclude the Committee of Military Archives welcomes new members and interested persons to join our initiative and be active part of the project. Please join us!

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