The Committee of Military Archives

The Committe of Military Archives is one of the operational bodies of the International Commission of Military History. Since 1990, when CAM was founded, the Committee tried to unite military archival institutions, experts and practitioners to encourage dialogue, exchange and transmission of knowledge and expertise in the specific field of military archives.
The aim of the blog is to inform all the archivists, scholars and practictioners of the Military Archives activities without borders. Ideally the blog should contain information on military archives organisation, functioning, activities, publication creating a link between the scholar’s and the archivist’s parts. During quite 20 years, the CAM edited and distributed a newsletter called “Mars&Janus” that stopped to be published during the 2010 decade.

In this regards, the blog succedes to the newsletter with the same mission: to inform the general audience of the job done by the Committee of Military Archives.

We encourage all the archivists, the researchers and the scholars to keep in contact with the Committee.

It is keen to support and help researchers in the their studies in the field of military history and all matters related to the military archives.

With the elections of September 2021, the delegates appointed Flavio Carbone as president and Kathleen Van Acker as secretary-general, with a mandate of five years.

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